And so begins the true democratization of video game networking…

GONet is the Unity3D GameObject

Networking solution with tight,

developer-friendly integration into the

Unity architecture/runtime.

If you need to network something and a

GameObject is involved,

GONet is the answer.

GONet aligns well with the

Networked-by-Default and

Performance-by-Default initiatives!

Written with an extensive history of Unity

game development team experience,

collaboration and feedback.

Deliver your multi-player Unity game now!

GONet makes the most difficult aspects of

multi-player game development

approachable so you can deliver your

game to the world in a timely manner with


With hindsight 20/20 on our side,

GONet is now less restrictive, requires

less steps to “get going” and is

our preferred solution over UNet and far easier to adopt than DOTS NetCode!